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Dewatering Pump Course

PT Coates Indonesia successfully conducted a two-day pump course in September 2012. It was the fourth time overall that PT Coates Indonesia has conducted this course. The pump theory 101 and 102 courses covered in depth:  pump terminology, pump hydraulics and system design, friction loss and flow, pump performance and analyzing performance curves, pump cavitation and application problems. The course is designed for the benefit of site engineers, procurement officers and senior supervisors.

Conducted at the Jatra Hotel, this two-day course received positive responses from PT Coates Indonesia’s clients such as from Petrosea, Thiess, Leighton and Madhani.

“Certainly one of the best 2 day training courses that I have attended. I think you have the right mix of theory, calculation, demonstration and delivery. The two day course seems to cater for the short term site engineers/ operations superintendent level” Said Mr Evan Stead from PT Theiss Contractors Indonesia.

On behalf of the management of Coates Indonesia, we would like to thank you for your efforts over the last couple of days in the ‘Pumps 101 and 102’ training course in Jatra Hotel—Balikpapan .

Pump Operator Training:

We are also has been conducting Pump Operator Training in many sites such as Berau, Toka Tindung, Martabe, Teluk Betung, etc




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